PDF Profiler


We're trying to understand more about PDFs. We've been looking at how people extract information from them, and how we might improve that with Hybrid PDFs and attachments.

But before we try and improve PDFs, we need to know how they were created, and what they're used for.

I've written this tool so that you can help me if you like. Don't worry, no personal information ever leaves your computer, just a list of the applications that created the PDFs in the folder that you select.

If you run Windows, and you want to help please click the logo above, run the application, pick a folder that you want to analyze (your user folder would be best), and then follow the instructions. At the end you'll be asked if you'd like to upload your results. If you do, they'll appear in the graph below.

It might take a while to analyze all your files, but there are graphs while you wait!




The software that created the PDF files that we've analyzed so far.




Thanks to everyone who's taken part. You can read more about what we're doing at ODILeeds.