Best Bin Placement

The map below shows the locations of food premises (red), waste bins (green) and public transport stops (orange) in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Subtracting the waste collected from bins from that created by food premises and/or bus stops allows us to create heatmaps of areas where new bins are needed.

Use the controls on the map to add in your own bin markers and see their effect. Through good placement of new waste bins it is possible to eliminate exisiting hotspots of litter creation.

Heatmap of areas currently poorly served by waste bins

Adjust heatmap parameters

Data on bus stop locations was sourced from the National Public Transport Access Nodes (NaPTAN) dataset. An extract of the data covering West Yorkshire was obtained and clipped to the boundaries of Leeds local authority using the software application QGIS.

Food premise locations in Leeds were obtained from a previous project that mapped every Greegs and Pret in the UK. This utilised derived data originally available openly from the Food Standard's Agency.

We have assumed that most waste is generated close to sandwich shops and takeaways. We also assume that if a single location of a chain is a takeaway/sandwich shop then all of their other sites can also be considered to be this type. All other types of premises were discounted from this tool.